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About Stew

Stew Berman Professional Certified Coach in NH

Stew resides on the Seacoast of New Hampshire with his wife Cheryl. They have been very happily married since 1978 with two grown children. Health & fitness are his passions and he integrates them into his everyday lifestyle. “Continuous improvement” is his motto. He is always enrolled in a course or program to further his expertise of coaching & knowledge of health & fitness. Free time is spent scuba diving, artifact hunting, reading, exercising, taking long walks, playing guitar, or spending time alone or with friends. Living on the Seacoast of New Hampshire gives him easy access to the ocean, mountains and wooded areas to explore.


Stew is a 1976 graduate of the University of New Hampshire. He holds a B.A. in Psychology and Communications. He is a graduate of the Advanced Coach Training Program from COACH U, considered the gold standard of coach training programs. This curriculum includes extensive course work in both business and personal coaching and is an Accredited Coach Training Program through the International Coach Federation (ICF). Stew has earned the prestigious credential Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the ICF. He is also a Certified Mentor Coach through the ICF. He follows the ICF Core Competencies as the foundation of his coaching model. Stew is well versed in Non Violent Communication (NVC), Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Leadership Development and is a Certified Laser Coach. Stew is also a Certified Food & Nutrition Coach and can support you in your efforts to adopt and sustain a vibrant and healthy lifestyle. His coach training is ongoing through COACH U as well as various other advanced coach training programs.


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Life Coaching

I provide a safe place for my clients to explore who they really are. The basis of my practice is to actively listen to my clients, providing the ideal environment to get to the heart of the matter. Coaching is an effective approach to uncover belief systems, then focus on the transformation of your thoughts into action and measurable results. I am not an expert on your life. I don't know what is best for you nor do I think I do. My expertise is in listening. I listen for your greatness, your blocks, your beliefs, your wants, needs, unmet needs, goals and aspirations. I am listening to your "mental construct" or “personal operating system”. These are the tools I use to support you in achieving a higher level of self-awareness.

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Business/Corporate Coaching

I have been an entrepreneur since 1978. I am highly knowledgeable in small business and can offer a large contribution in this arena. I assist in startup business issues as well as cash flow, management, customer service, leadership and business retention. I have owned and managed large amounts of real estate and can assist in all aspects of buying, selling and financing. I currently work with CEO's, COO's, CFO's in several Fortune 50 companies. I am able to offer coaching and consulting, or a combination of the two depending on the needs of my clients.

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specialized coaching

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Mentor Coaching

As a seasoned coach, I will guide you through the fascinating and enjoyable journey of building your practice making certain that your individual coaching style is honored and respected.

I am a certified mentor coach listed on the International Coach Federation (ICF) website, offer mentoring to coaches at all levels of experience. Since 2003 I have trained and mentored coaches from Coach U, Coach Training Alliance, Coachville, Coach Training Institute, Newfield Institute, Concordia University as well as many other coach training programs.

As your mentor coach, I will reinforce the ICF 11 Core Competencies so if your intention is to earn an ICF credential, when the time is right, you will be poised to succeed.

Our sessions will include but are not limited to the nuts and bolts of starting and building your coaching practice as well as practical consultation work to make the job as smooth, easy, fun and quick as possible. Also offering you sessions for the purpose of refining your coaching skills so that you will build your skill set and hence your confidence as a coach. You can decide what best suits your needs and I am available for you to tap my experience. I will show up every session with no agenda or judgment to listen and guide you through your own journey at your pace.

All Intellectual Property I share with you becomes yours to keep. I will provide you with the following:

  • ♦  All necessary coaching forms
  • ♦  Welcome packet materials
  • ♦  Coaching agreements
  • ♦  All necessary legal documents
  • ♦  Over 50 coaching assessments
  • ♦  Invoices
  • ♦  Multiple surveys
  • ♦  Multiple questionnaires
  • ♦  Coach evaluation forms
  • ♦  Client evaluation forms
  • ♦  "Attraction" versus "seduction" strategies

For more information or to set up a 55 minute complimentary session, please contact me to discuss your specific needs or to experience coaching together. I am available via phone, video conference or in person. I look forward to the opportunity to learn more about you.

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A passion and love of mine is health and nutrition. I am well suited to assist and support you in adopting a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable. It is not about dieting but rather about mindset. I do not take a cookie cutter approach to coaching. To change the fruit we must get to the root. Thus, we will explore your mind and then together we will design a program that specifically matches your individual needs. Here are just a few areas that I can support you with:

  • ♦   Higher self-worth
  • ♦   Improved health
  • ♦   Increased energy
  • ♦   Sustainable weight loss
  • ♦   Healthy choices
  • ♦   Mastering life's challenges
  • ♦   Building a powerful immune system
  • ♦   Getting off the medication rollercoaster
  • ♦   Improved digestive health
  • ♦   Active lifestyle
  • ♦   Goal setting
  • ♦   Quality of life
  • ♦   Accountability

"If you want to know what your thoughts were like in the past, look at your body today. If you want to know what your body will look like in the future, look at your thoughts today." - DEEPAK CHOPRA

For more information please contact me for a one hour complimentary session to discuss your specific needs or to experience coaching together.

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The Coach Training Program is delivered in 36 sessions over a 52 week period, and is conducted one on one via phone, video conference or in person. This program is highly interactive and you will learn the skills you need to become an outstanding and masterful coach. It is also quite a bit of fun! You will learn, grow and evolve. You will become the coach who can help and support any client with issues ranging from career challenges, relationships, weight loss, low self-worth and a host of personal or business challenges.

  • ♦   All necessary forms
  • ♦   Invoices
  • ♦   Coaching agreements
  • ♦   All necessary legal documents

All of my intellectual property becomes yours and I do provide you with a document that says you can use everything I send you and call it your own. In total, you will receive everything you need to open and run your coaching practice as soon as you are ready.

You can either add coaching to your existing business model, making you that much more effective in your current role, or have the option in the future to offer coaching as your career. Time will tell. It is a great option for you should decide to move anywhere in the world as coaching is a very portable career.

At the conclusion of this coach training program you will receive this logo for your web site or any other printed material.


For more information please contact me for a one hour complimentary session to discuss your specific needs or to experience coaching together.

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"Broadening the spectrum of knowledge
while deepening understanding of human behavior".

"Enrich, Empower, and Inspire"

The Leadership Development Program is delivered in 36 sessions over a 52 week period, one on one via phone, video conference or in person. This interactive approach to leadership development helps you and your team of leaders develop new insights that are highly relevant and transferable to the workplace. This program is customized to meet your or your companies specific needs and is currently being delivered to multiple Fortune 500 companies, medium size organizations, small businesses and individuals interested in developing their leadership skills. How do you maximize employee performance while maintaining high levels of morale? Instead of using classic rewards and punishment to motivate employees, imagine every employee easily tapping into their inner strength and wisdom. This program shows you how to create a coaching culture to empower employees.

Included in the program are a needs assessment, individual or group coaching sessions and an array of assessment tools that become yours to keep for future use. Collectively these three components will support your organization in creating a coaching culture. Coaching is a powerful tool to help people articulate their vision, identify their values, set goals and create compelling plans for their own development. Coach training helps organizations develop positive, empowering interactions with employees, who take responsibility for their success, understand clearly what they want and develop action plans that they are motivated to implement.

For more information and please contact me for a one hour complimentary session to discuss your specific needs or to request copy of the Leadership Development Program syllabus.

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You can add "laser coaching" to your existing business model, enhancing your current skill set, and hence making you that much more effective in your current role as a coach. The idea of laser coaching is to get to the heart of the matter in a shorter period of time (15-20 minutes) than a traditional 30-55 minute coaching session. Your prospective client(s) or existing client(s) will experience the distinction between you and others they may have shared their challenge(s) with and this results with a further engagement with you. In the absence of this distinction, the probability of a continuation of the partnership goes down. As the impact and efficacy of your coaching goes up, the likelihood of referrals of your past, current and future clients will as well. The intent of this program is to sharpen your current coaching skills and bring you to a higher level of mastery.

All intellectual property I share with you becomes yours to keep.

Also provided in this Laser coaching program at no additional cost are a number of assessments that can be saved and used for your future clients. These are a very valuable set of tools for any coach to help determine many qualities and strengths of their clients. I will also provide you with the following:

  • ♦   All necessary coaching forms
  • ♦   Coaching agreements
  • ♦   Over 30 coaching assessments
  • ♦   Multiple surveys
  • ♦   Multiple questionnaires
  • ♦   Coach evaluation forms
  • ♦   Client evaluation forms
  • ♦   "Attraction" versus "seduction" strategies

  • For more information, you can request the Laser Coaching Syllabus or contact me to set up a 55 minute complimentary session to discuss your specific needs or better yet to experience coaching together. I am available via phone, video conference or in person. I look forward to the opportunity to learn more about you.

    For more information and please contact Stew for a one hour complimentary session to discuss your specific needs or to request a copy of the Coaching Workshop syllabus.

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One of the best decisions I ever made was hiring Stew as my mentor coach, and I worked with him for several years after my coach training. Whether you are looking for a mentor, or simply a masterful coach, he is the real deal. I'm extremely grateful to have someone in my life who can bring the patience, care, curiosity and clarity that Stew brings to every conversation. Coaching with Stew goes beyond achieving your goals - it is an experience and relationship I value immensely.

March 2023

I was referred to Stew by a close friend. I am extremely grateful. I consider my time with Stew to be the most significant step in my evolution over the passed year. I would highly recommend Stew as a life coach. His guidance and expertise provide the shortest distance between obstacle and success. One hour with Stew and your destination will be within reach.

March 2023

I have been coached by Stew on and off (mostly on) since I became a coach 15 years ago. He has mentored me from my first curiosity about the field of coaching right up to obtaining my PCC and beyond. He listens with an open heart, helps me let go of limiting beliefs, and has been a true supporter throughout my career as a coach. Our coaching sessions always center around what I need to talk about. They are insightful, educational, and we shared lots of laughs along the way. Perhaps Stew’s greatest strength lies in his ability to listen without judgment for an unmet need, an unconscious limiting belief or a cognitive distortion. With Stew on my side my competence and confidence as a coach has grown. I can’t recommend him enough!

April 2023

Stew has been my coach for many years and truth be told, will no doubt be, for many more. I continue to upgrade both my personal life and coaching practice because of our work together. Yes, Stew is professional and knows his stuff, but it is his relentless pursuit of holding me to a higher version of myself that makes him different. His laser-like kind, compassionate, and sometimes witty delivery of coaching, is what makes me want to continue working with him. He is adamant about helping me unearth my truth, what makes me me, and then helping me offer that to others via my professional life coaching practice and my personal relationships. Stew is the best of the best! And it is without reservation, I highly recommend him as both a Life Coach and Mentor Coach.

Feburary 2023

Stew is a phenomenal coach and mentor. He is not only the most skilled coach I've ever worked with but he is also a gem of a human being. He has been my mentor and personal coach for years now, because he knows exactly when to gently inquire and listen and when to challenge me. I know I am a better person & coach because of his coaching and guidance. And for certain I am happier and healthier! Thank you Stew!!

April 2023

For over two years I worked and received training with Stew.I cannot recommend a better instructor or companion in discovery.He was not only an amazing ally and mentor, but a genuine loving person who listened and was present.He helped me find that it wasn't about what needed to be corrected in my life (though it's important to know).I found myself searching for more than just the roles I played in relationships, my career and my physical self. I am forever grateful for his patience, knowledge and compassion.Thank you Stew for all you do.

April 2023

Stew is a master practitioner. Equal parts spiritual guide, leadership coach, and personal mentor, Stew is helping me become the best possible version of myself. A generous, wonderful, and extremely talented human being, I am so grateful to have him in my life.

Adam Healey
Husband & Entrepreneur. Charlottesville, VA. Feb 2016

One of the best calls I ever made was to my coach Stew Berman. I was very stuck. His coaching helped me move forward in many aspects of my life. I am forever grateful. Thank you Stew

Shirley Freistat
Brow Master Inc. Miami, FL. Dec 2013

Stew is a masterfully skilled coach. In a short time, he assisted me in identifying my core values, which paved the way to clarity of purpose and a plan for change. He was 150% invested in the process and readily available along the way.

Terri Labbe
Derry, NH. Aug 2012

Stew Berman has a wonderful combination of pragmatism, spirituality, and heart. As my coach, he consistently delivered excellent support, insight, caring and coaching expertise on every coaching call I had with him. I have recommended him to everyone I know that wants to be the best version of themselves they can be.

Samuel Greene
Dallas, TX. Dec 2015

Stew Berman: Soft spoken, great listener, powerful questions.

Paul Tamson
San Francisco, CA. Mar 2007


Complimentary Session

Contact me to set up a time for your complimentary session to experience coaching first hand. This session will also provide you an opportunity to find out if coaching with me will provide you with what you think you will need to win your game. Coaching is conducted by phone, video conference or in person. I look forward to the opportunity to learn more about you.

Begin investing in yourself.

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      Decided Change is the essence of my coaching. Greater self-confidence, smarter decision making, strengthening your courage muscles, and healthier boundaries are just a few of the goals. My clients are fully listened to, supported, and engaged in a way that empowers and enables them to do more than they ever have without a coach

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